The Programme

The Residence offers its laureates the opportunity of devoting themselves to the writing of their feature films in a privileged setting in the heart of Paris. Over the four and a half months of their stay at the Residence, every filmmaker is accompanied in the development of his or her script, and advised in the transition to production. The programme also includes a series of collective forums with industry professionals.

The individual programme
The Residence provides continuous follow-up during the writing of the directors' scripts.
A presentation booklet of each project is offered to producers and distributors at appointments set up within the framework of various festivals: Rotterdam (Cinemart), Locarno (Open Doors), and, of course, Cannes.
The directors can likewise pursue the writing of their scripts at the Moulin d'Andé, with whom agreement has been made for a complementary stay.

The collective programme
In complement to individual follow-up, the Residence organises a collective programme of forums with directors, professionals and representatives of cinema institutions.
These forums help the directors gain deeper insight into coproduction systems both in France and Europe.
The first sessions demonstrated the importance of sharing experience between young directors. The Residence increases the opportunity for encounters and exchanges during their stay: going to cinemas, visiting Paris' heritage sites and participating in festivals, all go to enrich these exchanges.
Following their stay, the Residence prolongs its proactive work with directors, from assistance with translation of their script in French and to advice as concerns production.

Film Paris Region organizes a cultural program for the 6 directors at the beginning of each session (visits of monuments and museums)

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