Article 1

The Atelier marks a new step in the Festival's efforts to promote creation. It enables selected filmmakers, by inviting them to Cannes for the entire duration of the Festival, to benefit from the privileged environment offered by the event and accede to international production and distribution.

Article 2

The Festival de Cannes has entrusted the Cinéfondation with the mission of: selecting those film projects presented each year to the Atelier; organising for each director individual meetings allowing access to international financing (producers, distributors, exporters, international aid funds); and ensuring after the Festival follow-up of contacts made and progress of the films' making.

Article 3

About fifteen projects are selected each and every year. There is no call for applications per se and therefore no application form. Selection for the Atelier is carried out by the Cinéfondation which canvasses, throughout the year until October. Theprojects submitted are studied between October and January and the final decision is publicised in early March.

Article 4

The selection of the Atelier is open to all countries and projects respecting the international mission of the Festival de Cannes. It takes place in three stages:

a) Examination of projects

The projects must respond to the following criteria:

  • the director must have already made one or several films (short, medium-length or feature),
  • the script of the project must be completed,
  • the project must have a producer and initial financing,
  • the date of shoot must be stipulated.


b) Preselection of projects

At this stage, the producer and director must supply at the request of the Atelier:

  • the script in French or English,
  • the film(s) already made (short, medium-length or feature),
  • the director's filmography,
  • the producer's C.V.,
  • the projected budget,
  • the financial plan, specifying all already acquired financing.


c) Selection of projects

The decision shall take into account the artistic quality of the project, the works already made, and the producer's commitment to the project's making.

The selection of the Atelier shall be announced on the website of the Cinéfondation and on by the end of March at the latest.

Article 5

The Livre des Projets is designed to present and highlight the works and their respective directors.

For the elaboration of the Livre des Projets, the following documents must be supplied to the Atelier du Festival:

  • the project's synopsis in French or English (1000 characters maximum - blanks included),
  • the Director's Statement in French or English (800 characters maximum - blanks included),
  • the filmscript in both French and English
  • the director's biography, specifying his date and place of birth,
  • a photo of the director,
  • an image / picture (colour or B&W) chosen by the director to illustrate his or her project,
  • the already chosen artistic and technical elements,
  • the shoot's dates and locations,
  • the film's estimate,
  • the already acquired financing in detail (coproduction, presales, private or public aid funds...),
  • the amount of sought financing,
  • the producer's biography of the selected project.

Every project shall be attributed a double page, reproducing all the elements cited above.

Article 6

The Livre des Projets and Meeting Request Form shall be posted on-line at the disposal of professionals wishing to meet with the filmmakers, as soon as the selection is announced.

Article 7

Individual meetings shall be organised by the Atelier du Festival prior to the Festival based on the Meeting Request Forms. Thus, each director shall receive upon arrival in Cannes his or her schedule of meetings and hereby undertakes to respect it.

The Atelier shall be responsible for supplying, prior to said meetings, all those who so wish, the necessary documents for their preparation.

The meetings shall take place in the International Village - Pantiero in the area reserved for the Atelier du Festival between 9:30 am and 1 pm. The duration of the meetings is set at 30 minutes.

Afternoons shall be reserved for meetings made on the spot. Each director shall have his or her own place for the entire duration of the Atelier.

A screening room shall be made available to directors to present the film(s) he or she has already made, as well as the already completed scoutings, on VHS or DVD (subtitled in English).

Article 8

The selected filmmakers shall be invited to the Festival de Cannes for its entire duration and participate in the life of the event. They shall be associated with the daily program of films, forums and special events.

Article 9

The feature films thus made, based on the projects presented to the Atelier, shall mention in their credits the following:

"Project selected by the Atelier - Cannes (year) + logo".

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