Directed by : Benedek FLIEGAUF

  • Year of production : -1
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Somewhere in Northern Europe in the near future: Rebecca and Thomas fall in love as children. Unfortunately their ways part but by chance they meet again as students. Their love for each other remains unbroken and they spend one happy month together until Thomas suddenly dies in a car accident. Unable to forget Thomas, Rebecca cannot get over this loss. She decides to make him the biggest gift of them all: giving him back his life. Rebecca starts fighting for the dubious right to clone him and to bear him as a mother. She wants to raise him as her child, forever embalmed by her love. Rebecca's wish is granted: a new Thomas is born and Rebecca thinks that everything could start again - but time itself was not part of her plan and so things do not work out her way. Her best intentions lead to a dangerous finale when she reveals to her grown-up son who he actually is...


Womb is a film about symbiosis and it tells the story of a relationship trying to overcome death at any cost whatsoever. Location: The location is not connected to any actual country or city. The film takes place in northern Europe, in and around a seaside town. The ubiquitous sea and the endless horizon connect the audience to our origin: the womb. Production Design: The world of the film is stylized, trim, and compact, a fairy-tale place. Our concept of the future includes recycling, wind power, bicycles, etc. An intelligent, holistic, ecologically conscious world opens before us - still old values and prejudices prevail and are challenged by new technological possibilities. Acting: The acting is not stylized but realistic; the goal is to portray authentic human emotions and reactions. Style of photography: The film is a wide-screen production. Pastel colors dominate. The camera angles are based on wide-angle and long shots.


Benedek FLIEGAUF - Director


Language film : English
Working budget: 3,1M €
Financing acquired: 900 000 €




L'Atelier 2008