Directed by : Oleg NOVKOVIC

  • Year of production : -1
  • Country : Serbia
  • Length : 90 minutes


In the decaying town of Bor, lives King, a handsome former boxer and dangerous bar owner, 40, with a nasty head scar. Vita (16) is wild and beautiful. Her mother, Rosie, after years in prison, struggles to keep her tamed. Tiger, 19, a pusher and thief, admires Vita. One evening, King notices Vita. Fed up with her mother, Vita runs off with Tiger. They visit the bar, where King's admiration becomes desire. Jealous, Tiger fights King but manages to land only one blow to King's forehead. King is in love for the first time but he is torn between tenderness and cruelty. Vita runs with Tiger to the big city, where she whores herself for drugs. King finds them and again fights Tiger. This time the blows to the head leave him blind. Tiger OD's and dies. King and Vita return to Bor and marry. Blind King is Big Man no more. He begs Vita to kill him and she obeys. Rosie finds Vita next to her dead husband. She takes the blame and goes back to jail and Vita, pregnant, escapes to the White World.


An affair between a dark, older man and a lost young girl. Escape from despair and a decaying world where the most powerful man is powerless to change his own destiny. This is the story of fatal love and Serbia, contaminated and trapped in its own self-destructive reality. I am not interested in ethnology but in ethics and the passion that somehow keeps this place alive. The acting is hyper-realistic; the poetry resides in the music, songs pronounced like realistic dialogue integrated with the action. This is neither musical nor opera but a Balkan tango, immersed in poetry, filthy with poverty. Hand-held camera will produce the necessary dynamics, teleobjectiv the poetic effect. Cinemascope will bring the scale. Totals (wide frames) will bring the feeling of documentary reality.


Oleg NOVKOVIC - Director


Language film : Serbian
Working budget: 1,1M €
Financing acquired: 1,1M €




L'Atelier 2008