Directed by : Guy ÉDOIN

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Canada
  • Length : 90 minutes


While on location in Montréal, a French actress tries to mend relations with her son, who has been studying there for several years. But he has witnessed a disturbing event that reawakened in him the desire to discover who is father is. On his birthday he is determined to confront his mother to learn the answer. What he does not know is that the film she is shooting was conceived specifically to answer his questions. Elsewhere in the city, an ambulance technician haunted by his past tries to keep a hold on his life while a kind-hearted nurse watches over him, from a distance, in the chaos of her ER. The collision of these four individuals at the Ville-Marie Hospital leaves their lives changed forever.


Ville-Marie builds on my shorts and first feature, Marécages [Wetlands]. In Ville-Marie, I continue my explorations of the obsessions and themes that are dear to me: family relations, solitude, identity, and escape in various guises (work / sex / drugs). I am trying to paint a broad sociological canvas of the urban Montréal that I know, and portray it wi thin my cinematographic universe. A combination of chance encounters and intentional meetings, Ville-Marie echoes the disordered pulse of big cities. In the end, the shock of the encounters lead to personal resolutions, the beginning of healing, bringing some people closer, offering others a part of truth, or forcing them to free themselves of a secret they canno longer conceal.


Guy ÉDOIN - Director


Language film : French
Working budget: 3,4M €
Financing acquired: 800 000 €




L'Atelier 2014