Directed by : Midi Z

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Taiwan , Taiwan
  • Length : 100 minutes

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Lianqing and Guo meet when they illegally crossed into Thailand. Since Guo takes Lianqing’s place at the back of the truck, their fates have entwined together. They pass the checkpoints without much problem before arriving in Bangkok. Lianqing finds a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant while Guo works in a textile factory in the suburbs. Guo really likes Lianqing, but Lianqing suppresses her feelings and focuses on getting a Thai ID card. Despite their contradictory personalities, these two characters seem to be bound together by fate. Guo is always there for her; he is her lifeline. Lianqing cannot be sure of her own existence until she secures the papers she needs. Finally, she manages to buy herself an ID card. Meanwhile, Guo’s faith in Lianqing is diminishing rapidly; he feels insecure. When Lianqing gets hold of the ID card, their love is irreversibly doomed. Many people spend all their lives looking for some proof of their existence among others.


In order to pursue a better life, many people leave their homes for foreign lands. Underlying the idea of a better life is not only the desire for material comfort but the search for a feeling of safety and livelyhood. Individuals who live in a group tend to pursue this sense of safety and existence. In society, the feeling of security comes with money, material comfort, jobs and personal documents. Furthermore, some people need spiritual comfort like the protagonists in the script – Guo needs love in order to prove his existence while it is the “papers” that Lianqing desperately needs. How can people prove their “existence”? If we can’t provide any proof, to which group do we belong? To which country? To which ethnicity? In the end, Guo chooses destruction to emphasize and prove his “existence”!


Midi Z - Director


Language film : Thai, Burmese
Working budget: 737 200 €
Financing acquired: 330 000 €



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L'Atelier 2015