Directed by : Srdan VULETIC

  • Year of production : 2022
  • Country : Montenegro
  • Length : 90 minutes


Hana, a shy 15-year- old girl, is invited by Mario, a boy she is secretly in love with, to a lake trip to shoot a video about the solar eclipse. But, the next morning, Hana's father dies. The father, a former top pilot, had a chance to enter the NASA program and, when he fell ill, his wish was to be buried in a spacesuit. Her mother wants to cherish her father's wishes, yet she crumbles under the pressure of the family who wants a traditional funeral. Hana is frustrated about her mother's inability to confront the family and runs away from home. On the lake, Hana quickly grasps that Mario is not just a boy fond of her, but an aggressive predator. Hana has to fight on two fronts - at home, to step up against the traditionalist family and help her mother. Outside of her home, to be treated with dignity and not as a sexual object only. Hana has to get over herself quickly, otherwise her future will be as dark as the darkness of a solar eclipse.


In the light of a Covid-mutated world infested with insecurity, I feel that we, artists, have the responsibility to tell stories that will encourage our audience. To tell them they can overcome all the obstacles. Otter is one of those films where the main character makes it in the end. Our project is a simple, entertaining, girl's coming of age story that talks about self-acceptance, such an important ingredient for a better life in the future to come. We only have one life and let's live it by our rules instead of dancing to the music we don't like. On this quest, we all need a bit of encouragement these days.


Srdan VULETIC - Director


Working budget: 703 000 €
Financing acquired:



Gavra Vukovica 1/21 81000 PODGORICA MONTENEGRO - 382 202 272 82 - http://www.artikulacija.me

Ivan DJUROVIĆ - ivandjurovic@artikulacija.co.me

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