Directed by : Morais ALBERTO

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Spain
  • Length : 95 minutes

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Miguel is a 14-year-old kid about to go back to a group home for minors. His mother, out of work and with an unstable personal life, is incapable of taking care of him. This is why Miguel lives in a state of constant urgency, doing the housework, selling Kleenex or stealing from supermarkets. All this ends when Social Services come for him again, and his mother makes him seek refuge in the house of Alexander, a Rumanian ex-lover of hers who lives in a nearby town. Despite the Rumanian’s son Kirill’s opposition, Miguel manages to stay in exchange for illegally working in the factory where they employed as labourers. The mother insists that she will sort out this situation, and Miguel’s trust in her doesn’t waver. At the same time, María, the owner of a bar, sympathizes with the boy and takes on the maternal role that is missing for him back at home. However, everything shifts into high gear when the mother suddenly disappears.


The Mother is a fiction drawn from life, from the day-to-day survival of a character, Miguel, prey to pressing needs and constantly on the run. His abandonment begins within the family and extends to all the places he travels to. This project as a work of fiction and cinematography aims at mirroring life itself beyond the realms of film. If this story presents itself as having emerged from real life, then we will have achieved our goal. Filmmaking finds its meaning and purpose. That is why cinema in my opinion is, at its best, an artistic expression rooted in reality. I think that to engage in dialogue with stories is to engage in dialogue with oneself. This is the ultimate aim of The Mother, to get to know myself, perhaps as well through my relationship with others.


Morais ALBERTO - Director


Language film : Romanian
Working budget: 1,02M €
Financing acquired: 628 000 €



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L'Atelier 2015