Directed by : Daniel CASTRO ZIMBRÓN

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Mexico
  • Length : 90 minutes


In a forest, always covered by a dense fog, Gustavo has maintained his three children locked in the basement of an old cabin making them believe that a wild beast roams the depths of the forest. Marcos, the eldest son, has not been back since the last time he went hunting with his father. In an effort to find his brother, Argel will discover the mysteries and secrets that both Gustavo and the forest hide and will have to decide how far he can go to confront what is hidden in darkness.


Since I started making and thinking in films, the exploration of the family, with their lights and shadows, has been a constant element in each of my works and inquiries. I’ve been obsessed trying to better understand the space in which the most significant relationships are built. This space gives us a sense of belonging, protection and love, yet, can also be the primary space of repression, authoritarianism and fear. Why is that the person who should take care and love us above all can become a dark, selfish and terrifying beast? Can a child forgive his father for all the pain he caused? Everyone has beasts inside, we’ve all been in apocalyptic worlds and our hopes have been covered by mist. Will we ever be able to transform all our darkness into light?


Daniel CASTRO ZIMBRÓN - Director


Language film : Spanish
Working budget: 1,5M €
Financing acquired: 980 000 €




L'Atelier 2014