Directed by : Marie GRAHTØ

  • Year of production : 2017
  • Country : Denmark , Denmark
  • Length : 90 minutes

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Viktoria (30) is a celebrated psychologist. As a perfectionist she lives a pathologically controlled life. She is newly hired at a psychiatric ward for young women. Jenny is a violent and highly intelligent 18 year old punk with a death wish. Knowing that Jenny has been a suicide risk her whole life Viktoria blindly accepts the challenge to help Jenny, ultimately ending up putting her own sanity at risk. Through an intense psychological war the two women form a complicated and intimate bond and a hidden secret of Viktoria’s surfaces - she has been strangling herself since she was a child. When Jenny is moved to the closed ward Viktoria must face her painful past alone – in this dark abyss she realises that she must sacrifice herself to save Jenny from a life time in the ward. Viktoria ends up threatening to kill Jenny by strangulation. In this moment Jenny realises she wants to live, but for Viktoria there is no way back. She runs away – into the sea – walking on water like a female Jesus.


I want to immerse the audience in the painful and beautiful experience of losing sanity to madness. Partly based on a true story, I have developed a straight narrative script. I want to experiment with the film’s language in terms of sound and imagery. The film must feel aggressive in its attempt to activate the audience and make them feel disturbed and frustrated, like the two main characters. My musical strategy is to use contrasting soothing classical and disturbing punknoise. Inspired by Chiaroscuro I want light and darkness to be at war playing with distortion like D’Agata to show the character’s struggle and using bloodred color as a constant reminder of death and sex breathing down the two women’s destinies. Teenage Jesus will be painfully silent and disturbingly loud.


Marie GRAHTØ - Director


Language film : Danish
Working budget: 878 000 €
Financing acquired: 71 000 €



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