Directed by : Antonio MÉNDEZ ESPARZA

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Brazil , Spain , France
  • Length : 90 minutes


In a soybean field lies the body of Anna, a murdered prostitute. Anna escapes her native village of Parana in Brazil and she takes on the streets of Madrid to realize her dream. She’s willing to sacrifice everything, in order to give herself, her son and her beloved, a better life Saudade recounts the lost body’s personal story. As the story unfolds, it reawakens Anna’s desire and dreams. Her melancholy not just for things gone; but melancholy for what life could be instead of what it is now... Saudade is a longing for a different but impossible future.


Saudade, similarly to my film Aquí y Allá, is anchored in real acquaintances that I developped in my personal life. The film begins with Anna, a Brazilian prostitute whom I met many years ago when she was working in the sex clubs in Madrid. Years later, I received the news that she had been murdered in her home town. The film chronicles Anna’s constant desire to change, to become another. Her obsession with attaining a better life by sacrifiying herself for her beloved, erases her identity and alienetes her from everyone including the one whom she mostly loves: her son, Henrique. Saudade is an existential war film. Anna is in war with herself and in war with society. All that is left is a vague notion of saudade, her longing for something illusory and unattainable.


Antonio MÉNDEZ ESPARZA - Director


Language film : Portuguese
Working budget: 1,6M €
Financing acquired: 160 000 €




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