Directed by : Etemadi Siamak

  • Year of production : 2016
  • Country : Greece , Greece
  • Length : 100 minutes

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When Babak doesn’t show up to welcome his parents at the Athens international airport, Pari is forced to go on a quest that will take her further than a mother’s search for a missing son. Pari and her older husband Farrokh are ill prepared to search for a fugitive in an alien environment. They are devout Muslims, this is their first time abroad and they hardly speak any English. They hit a dead-end when they discover that Babak never even started his studies, was involved with radical left-wing groups and is most probably dead. And yet when Farrokh commands their return back to their family in Iran, Pari disobeys to continue the search by herself. Following the steps of her rebellious son, she uses everything and everyone, from a hardcore feminist activist to anarchists and even a corrupt detective, to reach the darkest corners of the city to find him. And when she has no choice but to accept the great loss, she is left with her own reawakened craving for freedom and the will to pursue it.


Pari is a story about freedom that comes, as freedom always does, with the highest of costs. Pari’s mission as a mother to find her son becomes a journey of selfdiscovery and will set her on the path towards a dark adventure. We will follow her in a roller-coaster of a ride where step by step she loses all the safety nets that her past compromises had gained her. All connections are severed and anything familiar is destroyed, either by the harshness of the circumstances or by her own free choice. Is this a senseless act of self-destruction or a necessary stage before rebirth? Pari is a stranger in a strange land and is as much terrified by this new world as she is intrigued and attracted by it. At its very core, this is a story about a new life born out of great loss and bleak desperation.


Etemadi Siamak - Director


Language film : Indonesian,
Working budget: 950 000 €
Financing acquired: 75 000 €



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