Directed by : Gyӧrgy KRISTÓF

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Slovakia , Hungary , Latvia , France
  • Length : 90 minutes

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Out is an odyssey about 50 year old family man Agoston wandering through Eastern Europe. After loosing his lifelong job at a power plant of small Slovak village Agoston takes the shady but alluring opportunity to work as a welder in a shipyard in Latvia. The journey in hopes of a new job in reality turns into a accelerating whirlwind of absurd events and short encounters, newly found-and- lost - again friendships progressively stripping Agoston of all his posessions and of everything he once believed to be his whole life. However Agoston doesn’t give up his search for income and decides to persuade his dream of catching a big sea fish.


I built the overall story line into a structure where the main character is progressively edging towards the outskirts of the society – and gradually loses everything. I will compose rough and desolate mise-en-scène where the main character could leave the scene every time by means of “a natural choreography”. At the beginning the pace of time would be normal, but it would gradually slow down. The film starts with close-ups, but later the shots become more and more distant. By combining the use of expressive minimalism and absurd humor I aim to create a sense of “emptiness with fullness” within the spectators.


Gyӧrgy KRISTÓF - Director


Language film : Slovak, Russian, Latvian, Estonian
Working budget: 1,2M €
Financing acquired: 660 000 €



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