Directed by : Fabrice ARAGNO

  • Year of production : 2022
  • Country :
  • Length : 90 minutes


In a civilized world that seems to be increasingly losing its bearings, a woman and a man throw themselves headlong into an endurance sailing race on a large lake. One would like to cross over, yet one cannot, one misses any sign of life, yet life is perceivable in the rushing tide, in the blowing of the wind, in the drifting clouds, in the solitary cry of birds. One must delve deep into oneself and feel the heart-ripping that nature imposes.


Under the pretext of a sailing race, a woman and a man at the turning point of their life take off on a wide lake, leaving the past and fiction to embark on the documentary. In a pas de deux with reality, the film is a slide towards a here-and-now, where to invest oneself physically, totally. From the lake, one is beside the world, in its reverse shot, in tribune facing the city at odds with civilization. No escape from a lake, as from one's body or life, except through the abyss or heart, by the senses. Day by night, shooting bodies like landscapes and landscapes like characters, barely spoken, it will be an audio and pictorial experience. This film means finding oneself in the wild, on the edge of the civilized world, ringed with cities, prosperity and nature, in the giddiness of uncertainty.


Fabrice ARAGNO - Director


Language film : French
Working budget: 460 000 €
Financing acquired:



ecran noir productions, 16 bd saint germain 75005 PARIS FRANCE - 33 0619424532

Mitra FAHARANI - mitrafaharani@yahoo.fr

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