Directed by : Devkota Fidel

  • Year of production : 2020
  • Country : Nepal
  • Length : 80 minutes


Three people, a LAMA, a NOMAD and a wandering WOMAN meet under mysterious circumstances in Nepal's Himalayas. A nomad is fighting for his existence due to the loss of his livelihood. Inexplicable things happening in the pasture further increase his misery. He believes that it is a sign that local deities are angry with him. He seeks help from a Lama from a nearby village for divine intervention. The Lama is confronting his own desperate economic realities. He is contemplating migration as the last resort. He agrees to assist the nomad hoping that the nomad will help him too. On his way to the pasture, the Lama meets a woman with her own reasons to be there. Kangling is the journey of these three individuals who are confronting desperate realities and looking to end their sufferings. As they converge, numerous dramatic events unfold which shed light on the circumstances leading to their meeting which may not be a mere coincidence as their destinies may change forever as they part ways.


As a person from the mountains, Kangling is a very personal endeavor for me. I wish to make a film that highlights the everyday struggle of the mountain people. Kangling is the journey of three individuals who are confronting desperate realities and looking to end their sufferings. Based on true events, the backdrop will play an important role in evoking the sacred values and aspirations of these characters. The film follows the magic-realism narratives but is also artistically close to Italian Neo-realism in representing the difficult economic and moral conditions in the epoch of climate change and portrays the changing psyche and conditions of everyday life in the Himalayas. I intent to engage, provoke, and shine a light on the bleak realities of the climate crisis today.


Devkota Fidel - Director


Language film : Tibetan
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