Directed by : Pablo GIORGELLI

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : Argentina , France
  • Length : 100 minutes


Ely is 17 years old. Ely´s mother is ill, hospitalized since several months ago. Ely spends as much time as she can with her. She feeds her and takes her to the hospital patio with the secret desire that the sunlight may bring back energies that her mother no longer has. Day by day, her mother is disappearing in front of her eyes. It´s just a question of time. Ely knows it. Ely lives in the same apparment where she and her mother always lived. Some time ago when it became evident that her mother would not return Ely decided to get a part-time job. She works in a veterinary shop altough she does not have a true vocation for animals. Ely appears older than her age but is still in school. She is in her 4th year for the second time and finds little in commun with girls and boys her own age. Every day she finds harder to continue going to class. Ely is secretly seeing someone, but feels alone. One day, during a check-up, Ely discovers she is pregnant. This is the beginning of Invisible.


Bodies seized by emotion. Invisible recounts an inner process, the story of what goes on inside Ely. Her thoughts and her troublessteeped in images inside me. It’s as if I had already seen the movie, even though I have yetto see Ely’s face. The main challenge will be finding Ely. She is the film. Everything is in her eyes. Believing in how powerful it is to inhabit her world. The camera breathes with her and I am Ely. Invisible is a direct film that ensues in the present. It’s not contemplative. It’s Ely in action throughout, in every single scene. It’s an invisible eye looking at her life. The eye of Ely watching herself from the outside. Ely is pregnant. She’s in a state of miracle. Ely does not know what is happening to her. And I don’teither. That is why I ammaking this film.


Pablo GIORGELLI - Director


Language film : Spanish
Working budget: 800 000 €
Financing acquired: 340 000 €




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