Directed by : Laura LUCHETTI

  • Year of production : 2016
  • Country : Italy
  • Length : 95 minutes

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Twin Flower is the odyssey of two kids abused and damaged by life, who are still trying to regain their lost innocence. In a southern Italy, beautiful but full of hidden dangers, where trafficking in migrants arriving from North Africa is an everyday business, thirteen-year-old Anna whose father has been murdered right before her eyes, and Basim, a sixteen-year-old North African who lost his sister as he was smuggled into Italy by sea,start a flight from the world that has injured them. Anna decides to lose her voice, Basim his identity. They are a nimph and a faun, their lives an unpleasant fairytale. On their trail, Manfredi, the horrible immigrant trafficker. When Anna runs away, stealing all the immigrants’ documents seized by Manfredi, the man’s fury is unleashed into a pursuit akin that of a wild beast on the trail of its prey. The kids’ quest for their lost innocence will reach its fruition in a paradoxical act of extreme violence that will set them free.


This is the story of a dream that rises above a harsh reality. Twin Flower is a cruel fairytale about the flight of two young people whose innocence has been robbed by their past. They travel through Calabria and Lucania, spectacular and enigmatic lands shrouded in mistery. The south of Twin Flower will be dark and enchanting, full of snares that are difficult to resist. Although the settings will be extremely realistic and the film’s theme is a tragic reality in many areas of our south, Anna and Basim’s friendship belongs to a “Magical Reality”. The world around them is rotten but they find each other and keep each other alive with moments of genuine magic allowing them to escape from the ruthless reality of their harsh lives.


Laura LUCHETTI - Director


Language film : Italian
Working budget: 970 000 €
Financing acquired: 550 000 €



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