Directed by : Bogdan MIRICA

  • Year of production : 2015
  • Country : France
  • Length : 110 minutes


Roman - a young man from the city - comes to a remote village in rural Romania to sell the land he inherited from his departed grandfather. Once there, Roman is exposed to a series of strange events, all culminating with him discovering that his grandfather used to be a local crime lord. In order to sell, Roman has to face his grandfather’s -deputies-, led by Samir - an affable and charismatic Tartar. Meanwhile, Hogas, the local policeman, investigates the finding of a severed foot, but what he’s really after is getting revenge at any cost on Samir, his lifetime nemesis.


My grandmother told me about these two men from her village who got into a fight inside the Town Hall. After a while one of them pulled a knife and stabbed the other one to death. What happened to the killer? I asked. Nothing, she answered with a shrug. He was in the right. There are places in Romania - rural, godforsaken territories - where "the law" is nothing but an abstract, remote concept. What’s really in place is the law of the people that live there. Set in such a place - the endless barren fields of Dobrogea, Dogs is an emotional and moral labyrinth that has at its core the oldest conflict of them all: man set against man.


Bogdan MIRICA - Director


Language film : Romanian
Working budget: 920 000 €
Financing acquired: 30 000 €




L'Atelier 2014