Directed by : Yanillys PEREZ

  • Year of production : 2018
  • Country : Dominican Republic
  • Length : 90 minutes

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In the pursuit of love, recognition and acceptance you can find yourself on the wrong path at the wrong time. This is what happens to four teenage girls growing up in a forgotten town in the Dominican Republic. Ana, Cindy, Valentina and Dulce share the kind of abiding friendship that transcends everything else, stronger than family, stronger than self. Their world is way too small for naïve girls with big dreams who yearn to exist in society’s eyes. When a big industrial firm starts polluting their town’s river and soil, the girls find a cause for their rebellion as they attempt to become heroes. After a short-lived high, things get out of hand as they find themselves forgetting their true selves, breaking the law, risking their lives and compromising their future. As they get caught up in something much larger than themselves, can love and friendship survive the wrongdoings they commit in the name of good intentions, and save them from becoming further victims of our corrupt society?


My desire to create has always been inspired by my everyday life, and this film is loosely based on different true stories that have happened in my country. In Candy Town, fiction and reality will intermingle, as will actors and non-actors, right and wrong. Improvisation and real-life settings will add to the realism, flavored with a poetic and at times mystical Latin touch. The characters colorful nature and coming-of-age fumbling will provide moments of humor throughout the film. We will become attached to the characters and root for them to break free from society’s corruption and injustice. Like them, we want to believe that friendship and love can break the cycle, but we know that it can also magnify it through an ever-increasing peer pressure, seemingly amplified through social media.


Yanillys PEREZ - Director


Language film : Spanish
Working budget: 1,5M €
Financing acquired: 420 000 €



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