Black Box

Directed by : Aslι ÖZGE

  • Year of production : 2018
  • Country : Germany
  • Length : 100 minutes

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On account of an ambiguous event, entrances and exits into a Berlin courtyard are blocked for the time being. Having received no information from the police over this state of emergency, residents of the buildings opening to this courtyard, begin to speculate. First they assume that there is a bomb planted right outside the door, then another rumour about a criminal hiding in the courtyard quickly spreads. This state of crisis and insecurity in which every single person is seen as a potential suspect by the others, not only changes the course of daily life but also ignites human relationships. Among the neighbours who've been sharing the same building for many years without ever acquainting with each other, insecurities start to pump fear. Suspicion takes over panic, prejudices bring polarization and another question appears... Is the real danger coming from inside or outside?


We are part of societies governed by a widespread affliction called fear and its by-product insecurity. Everyone is a potential suspect and paranoia is the norm. It is the post-truth period. Honesty collapses and lying is an acceptable strategy in politics. Although I envisioned the courtyard as the mini-model of a country inspired by the current state of affairs in my home country Turkey, I intend to devise the sub-plots in the film as a reflection of increasing status of emergency all around the world. As such, I'd like to have an eye on people's sudden and unexpected transformation in an oppressive environment and the consequential moments of tragicomical quality. My aim is to achieve a style that balances tension with black humor.


Aslι ÖZGE - Director


Language film : English, German, Turkish
Working budget: 2.5 M €
Financing acquired: 580 000 €



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