Directed by : Ye LOU

  • Year of production : -1
  • Country : China
  • Length : 100 minutes


Hua, a young Pekinese teacher, decided to quit her life in Beijing to join in Paris a French lover, Thierry. But in the French city, things don't happen the way she thought. Thierry never returns her phone-calls. Desperate, she's wandering around, exiled in that unknown city, between her tiny studio, her university and some relatives from the French-Chinese exchange community. Then she meets in the street Mathieu, a young worker, who falls deeply in love with her, although he's considering she deserves nothing better than to be treated like a bitch.


This screenplay is an adaptation from Jie Liu-Falin's autobiographical novel, but what she presents here is far more than something merely personal. To be more elegant, I could say this is a movie about "love". But if you don't face love with some false "illusions of love", you might just get through it and arrive at the back of love. I believe that's where my movie starts. Please allow me to quote one of the letters by the writer: "When I was conceiving this story, the very first word that emerged in my mind was 'Bitch'. This is the word that Mathieu has on the tip on his tongue every day. I think 'bitch' not only perfectly embodies the complexity of women, but also reflects the nature of men" I agree.


Ye LOU - Director


Language film : French,
Working budget: 4M €
Financing acquired:




L'Atelier 2008