Directed by : Byamba SAKHYA

  • Year of production : 2017
  • Country : Mongolia
  • Length : 100 minutes

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On an ordinary morning, to a 27-years-old writer’s utter indifference, everything stops. The clocks stop ticking. The traffic stops flowing. Water stops running. Matches stop lighting. The wind ceases to blow. The writer takes this eerie lapse in time as a sign. The silent stillness is his calling. It’s time for him to become bedridden. Tsolmon, his fiancée, sees this as egocentric nonsense. Does bedridden have enough courage to become as absurd as his imagination?


The idea of what we can change in our destinies and what is predestined for us has always intrigued me. So for me, this story of two people who truly love each other but are incapable of building their life together is more than just a simple love story. Bedridden’s narrative line itself is absurd and carries a certain tone of black irony, but the film will have a strong realistic visual style with natural acting performances. I hope those choices will help tackle serious themes honestly and directly without preaching to the viewer. There are a number of flashback scenes in the film for a more complex telling. I think it also brings our screen reality much closer to a “real” reality as our life is the endless combination of our dreams and flashbacks of memories.


Byamba SAKHYA - Director


Language film : Mongolian
Working budget: 390 000 €
Financing acquired: 56 000 €



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L'Atelier 2017