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21 April

2016 Winners: What are they doing now? Or Sinai, 1st Prize

As the results of the 2017 Cinéfondation selection process are unveiled, we talk to last year’s prize winners to find out what they’ve been up to, and look back over 2016’s edition of the festival.

4 questions for Or Sinai, 2016 prize winner for Anna.

What was your reaction to winning your award at the Festival de Cannes 2016?

When I got to the Festival de Cannes with my film crew, I kept telling them that I didn’t want to hear anything about their hopes that our film would win an award. I told them that for me, we had already won by being chosen by the Cinéfondation. And genuinely, I really felt that the fact that Anna was selected exceeded my expectations. That’s why when they announced that Anna won first prize, I was completely shocked. I didn't realise it and maybe I still don’t realise it really happened.

What has your award brought you?

The award changed a lot for me. As a young filmmaker, it’s very hard to stand out, and the award changed that. I get offers, people are interested in my projects, things are different now. This might sound cheesy, but more than anything, I feel that something inside me changed. I feel much more confident now. Before Cannes, I felt I was only playing at being a filmmaker, but now I feel it is official - I am a filmmaker. I don't think it is necessarily because of the prize, but maybe it is more about being part of the Cannes experience.

What is your favourite memory from the Festival de Cannes?

One of the strongest feelings I had during the festival is that Cannes is like a world in which cinema is the most important thing. There is nothing more important than that, it is more important than life itself. And that is a very powerful feeling. The whole trip to Cannes kind of felt like a dream.
A nice memory I have is that one day when they took us Cinéfondation directors to walk down the red carpet. All the female directors changed outfits and put on our best dresses. Some of us all went to the bathroom to get changed, doing our make-up and hair together. We had a laugh and swapped tips. We were a group of women from different countries from around the world. But the minute we stepped inside that bathroom we became friends. It was a very nice, feminine moment.

Are you working on anything new?

Yes, I have a feature film script that I am working on, which is kind of an expansion of the short film that was shown at Cannes 2016.
As well as writing the longer script, I am also working on a new short film.