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23 March

La Résidence: Where are they now? Adrián Saba – 26th Session

As the registrations for the 34th Session are about to close, we decided to have a look at the experience of a former Resident : Adrián Saba. Let’s talk with him about his experience at the Residence and his movie, El Soñador, written during his stay and that has just been released in French theaters.

How would you present your movie?
El Soñador is a psychological tale of crime, romance, and escapist dreaming where a young man goes on a venture of self-discovery in a dismal world.

In which way did the Cinefondation help you in your project?
The ways are infinite. It opened so many doors for me, it made my project be noticed by the industry. It also helped me by giving me so many inspiring experiences. It was like a family that really cared about me and my work and it made me feel safe as I was just starting out in the film industry.

What is your best memory from the Residence?
So many. From a private tour in the Musee d'Orsay, to watching unlimited movies at the Mk2 Quai de Seine and Quai de Loire (my favorites), a conversation with Laurent Cantet, going to Cannes, going to Guanajuato, hanging out with William, Fyzal, Rungano, Mahdi and Geraldine, meeting many other filmmakers, getting to know Georges and Emmanuelle, and simply waking up in my room. I really could go on and on and get into specific details because my time at the residence has been one of the best and most inspiring experiences in my life. It was an amazing opportunity.

Do you have new projects?
Yes, I'm working on my third film, a dark comedy titled The Erection of Mr. Toribio Bardelli.