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Rules and regulations

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Article 1

The object of the Cinéfondation, an Official Selection of the Festival de Cannes, is to present and highlight films from film schools, whether fiction or animation, that reveals talent and deserves encouragement.

Article 2
Unless a special waiver is granted, films must comply with the following conditions in order to be selected:

- they have been made during the 18 months preceding the Festival;

- they have not been presented at major international festivals;

- they do not exceed 60 minutes in running-time.

N.B. Documentaries are not accepted.

Article 3
To submit a film, fill in the online application form on our website and directly upload your film on the same website OR send a DVD of the film together with a copy of your registration slip.

The registration deadline is February 15th, 2018 at the latest (by this date, the entry form must have been filled out and the film uploaded).

If you choose to send a DVD instead of uploading your film on our website, the DVD must reach our office for February 15th at the latest, not post-marked.

Article 4
Cinéfondation awards will be designated by an international jury comprising a President and a minimum of 4 personalities.

Each Jury member votes by secret ballot. Decisions will be reached by absolute majority of the votes at the first two ballots and by relative majority vote at the following ballots.

These prizes may only include one joint (ex-æquo) award. Unless a special waiver is granted, this rule cannot apply to the first prize.

Article 5
The Jury designates three awards.


The winners will receive a €15,000 grant for the First Prize, €11,250 for the Second and €7,500 for the Third.

In case of a joint award, the amount will be equally divided.


The first prize winner of the Cinéfondation is also guaranteed that his or her first feature film will be presented at the Festival de Cannes.


The credits of the first feature film of the winners of these prizes will include the mention that they have been made with the support of the Cinéfondation of the Festival de Cannes.

Article 6
The Festival de Cannes offers the possibility of covering all the subtitling expenses of selected films at an approved laboratory.

The Festival organizes and covers the transport and insurance expenses of DCP of the selected films both to and from the Festival.

In addition, it also covers costs of storage and insurance of DCP within the boundaries of the Palais des festivals in Cannes.

Article 7
The President of the Cinéfondation is empowered to settle all cases not covered by the present rules.

Article 8
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations.


Festival de Cannes - Cinéfondation

5, rue Charlot - 75003 Paris - France

(School films only, fiction or animation - short or medium-length)


Tel: 33 (0) 1 53 59 61 21

Fax: 33 (0) 1 53 59 61 24