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Preselection conditions and entry form

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Unless a special waiver is granted, a film must comply with the following conditions in order to be submitted:

  • - have been directed by a student within his/her film school curriculum;
  • - have been made during the 18 months preceding the Festival;
  • - have not been presented at major international festivals. A film can have been shown at a festival in its country of origin;
  • - not exceed 60 minutes in running-time.



- Films made at Junior secondary school or High school level are not accepted for selection in this section of the Festival, only films produced within the studies in directing in a Film school or Film studies department of a University are eligible.

- Documentaries are not accepted;

- It is possible to send a working copy of the film. When filling in the entry form, please state if it is the final version or a working version. Submission of a working copy does not allow for later submission of a final copy
unless requested by the Cinéfondation;


 - If your student film is no longer than 15 min in length, it can also be entered in the Short Film Competition if eligible under the Rules of this Selection. Please take note that this is a distinct registration and that the deadline date for submissions is not the same:more information;

- Short films (from 1 to 35 min) can also be registered in the Short Film Corner: a meeting place dedicated to short films within the Festival de Cannes.


February 15th, 2018 at the latest (by this date, the entry form must have been filled in and the film uploaded or the DVD received, not post-marked).

Please fill in the application form on our website and either:

upload your film directly on our website


send a DVD or a Blu-ray Disc together with a copy of your registration slip showing the reference and bar code attributed to your film which you will receive automatically upon validation of your application (essential for the identification of your film).


How to upload your film?
We accept all kinds of source files. If your film is already on your computer you can very probably upload it straight away.
If you only have a DVD of your film, please download the manual “How to prepare your movie for digital submission”

Video format requirements:

 Accepted file formats (endings): .mp[e]g / .avi / .vob / .mov / .mp4 / .m4v

Recommended codecs:
Apple ProRes
H264 (high bitrate if possible: minimum 2MBit/s and Uncompressed (very large files!)

Resolution: PAL or NTSC (as well as SECAM) from 720x400px up to HD material of 1920x1080px

Audio format requirements:
48kHz sound PCM
(only uncompressed)
AAC (if possible > 160 kBit/s)

File specifications:
We only accept multiplexed files (i.e. with audio, video and subtitles in a single file). Your film file should not exceed 8 GB. You can upload a film with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels (HD), as long as it does not exceed 8 GB.

The Selection Committee will screen films:
• WITHOUT subtitles IF the original language is French or English.
• WITH French or English subtitles for all other original languages.
For subtitled films, the subtitles must be integrated in to the image.

Preparation of the film:
Make sure that your film has no colour bars or any black sequences before the film starts or after it ends. Please also make sure you upload a progressive (deinterlaced) video file, without any horizontal lines across the image (an interlacing artefact known as "combing"), particularly visible during sequences with rapid movement.

Software requirements:
The upload requires HTML 5 or Java.

Helpful information:
You will find the page in the user’s manual explaining how to rip a DVD or how to reencode your film in order to create a suitable film file for upload on our website. Apart from traditional professional software such as Final Cut or Premiere, we recommend the user-friendly freeware programmes HandBrake & MPEG Streamclip.

Browser & Internet Connection:
We recommend the use of Chrome or Firefox, but any browser should work. Caution: the heavier your file, the more you will need a very good Internet connection in order to be sure your film is uploaded properly and rapidly onto our server. If the upload does not work, please try again with a lighter encoding of your film and/or a faster and more stable Internet connection.


If you prefer to send a DVD rather than upload your film on our website, please send either a DVD (NTSC or PAL) or a Blu-ray Disc.

If the original version of the film is neither English nor French, the DVD must be subtitled in English or in French (otherwise a dialogue list in English or in French must be sent together with the DVD).

DVDs should be sent directly to the Cinéfondation office:

Festival de Cannes
Cinéfondation - The Selection
3 rue Amélie
75007 Paris

Should the sender choose to use an express mail service, he should clearly mention on the package that it is "for cultural purpose only” - “without commercial value” and declare a symbolic value of "1$ US" only. The sender should make sure he pays all transport costs and import taxes. Otherwise the Cinéfondation reserves the right to refuse the package.

You will receive an email of confirmation once your film has been received and registered.

The DVDs are not sent back but can be collected at the Cinéfondation office before the end of June 2018.



There is no entry fee to submit a short film at the Cinéfondation.



You will be contacted before the official press conference which will take place mid-April.

You must supply us with a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with a JPEG 2000 file.

The Cinéfondation will send you all the necessary information in due time, but only if your film is selected.



Registrations for 2018 will open in November.