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In theaters in France on April 3rd : TEL AVIV ON FIRE by Sameh Zoabi


TEL AVIV ON FIRE is Sameh Zoabi's new film (Selection and Residence 2005) produced by Artemis Productions and distributed by Haut et Court

Salam, an awkward 30-year-old still living with his mother in Jerusalem, gets a job as scriptwriter for the Palestinian popular soap series «Tel Aviv on Fire». The show is a popular spy drama set right before the Six-Day War of 1967. Every day he must travel through a strict Israeli checkpoint to get to work. When the Israeli army commander Assi learns about Salam’s job, he begins suggesting a more pro-Israeli plot development. Salam suddenly finds himself in a risky balancing act, trying to please both his superiors and the man allowing him access to cross the border.

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Tel Aviv On Fire by Sameh Zoabi

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